Saturday, February 22, 2020

Recording: So Sue Me

Artist: So Sue Me

Song: One Zero*

Recorded at Wenona Lodge (Music Hosted by Karen Ng), January 21, 2020.

So Sue Me - One Zero

I'm not sure if the band name of this group fronted by guitarist Alex Lukashevsky is meant to stick or just to be a whimsical placeholder (he also has an upcoming solo show where he's being billed as Alex "Bad Baby" Lukashevsky, which raises similar questions) but there is definitely something fascinatingly cool going on here. Joined by Evan Cartwright (percussion, steel drum), Mike Overton (bass) and Ryan Driver (synth), Lukashevsky lead the crew through three longer songs, pop tunes at their heart, but tackled with no wave yelps and howls in a series of weird, throbbing grooves. A bit like a genially-lobotomized Deep Dark United, these two-chord vamps staggered and tripped around the room in a pretty awesome way.

* Thanks to Alex for passing along this (possibly temporary) title!