Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Recording: Soupcans

Artist: Soupcans

Songs: Soft Party/Postmordial + Murder Parade [feat. Leslie Predy]*

Recorded in the dungeon of 8-Eleven ("Sonic Boom Record Store Day Afterparty"), April 18, 2015.

Soupcans - Soft Party/Postmordial

Soupcans - Murder Parade

The Soupcans sometimes work as performance art/standup comedy, such as at the start of this set where the members cast aspersions on each other for not being able to maintain the momentum from one quick song into the next ("We're a real band," the crowd was reassured) but once they did get firing on all cylinders, whoo-boy. I've heard some talk of new recordings getting closer to getting done, including rumours of a guest appearance by Induced Labour/Doom Tickler howler Leslie Predy. That probably explains this set-closing last track here, a full-on spasm that had the crowd surging back and forth in the low-ceilinged basement space. (I was mostly just trying to keep upright, so pardon a few weird sonic shifts in the recording.)

[Soupcans will be playing at Jam Factory on Saturday (May 2, 2015) as part of Feast in the East's big Four Year Anniversary celebration.]

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