Thursday, April 16, 2015

Recording: Nick Ferrio and The Lonely Parade

Artist: Nick Ferrio and The Lonely Parade

Song: My Friend the Soothsayer

Recorded at Junction City Music Hall, April 9, 2015.

Nick Ferrio and The Lonely Parade - My Friend the Soothsayer

I hadn't been out yet to the Junction City Music Hall, but the basement venue has a casual and intimate vibe that makes it worth revisiting. (But why did no one warn me to bring a pocket full of quarters for the Galaga machine down there amongst the vintage video games and pinball machines?)

I was on the scene to check out this team-up from two of Peterborough's most-notable musical exports, which saw The Lonely Parade acting as Nick Ferrio's backing band. Practising together for the past couple months, this pairing sounded pretty good on their first formal show together, and having a full-on rock unit behind him led to some beefed-up arrangements, as well as inspiring Ferrio to pen this brand-new tune to take advantage of the added crunch the band could offer. They also throttled back enough not to spoil the prettiness of Ferrio's more soulful tunes, many of which will be emerging on the forthcoming Amongst the Coyotes and Birdsongs, out on May 28th. (Keep an eye out for word of a return engagement to celebrate that release.)

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