Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Recording: Picastro

Artist: Picastro

Song: Temur

Recorded at Jam Factory ("Feast in the East 47"), April 4, 2015.

Picastro - Temur

Just back from a European tour, Picastro was in fine form for this homecoming party, the current quartet disrupting Liz Hysen's off-kiler tonality with unexpected groove-swells. Longtime foil Nick Storring (cello) is now backing Hysen with newer hands Matthew Ramolo (a.k.a. Khôra, modular synth) and percussionist Germaine Liu. The latter especially made her presence felt on this number, elevating it with a thunderous outside drum break into something like the band's own "When The Levee Breaks" — a bigger "rock" feel than on its recorded version that still doesn't undermine what's unique about the band's sound.

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