Saturday, April 11, 2015

Recording: Keith/Lynn/Vespaziani

Artist: Michael Keith/Michael Lynn/Bob Vespaziani

Song: [second piece]

Recorded at April 7, 2015 at Johnny Jackson ("Track Could Bend #1").

Michael Keith/Michael Lynn/Bob Vespaziani - [second piece]

There's a nice expansion here from the recent solo work that Michael Keith has been doing on his three-string baritone ukulele, with Michael Lynn (on double bass) and Bob Vespaziani (on cajón and percussion) adding a bit more musical momentum. Lots of invention and interplay at work, but also the feel that Keith was tapping into something much older — this sounds like it could have been played at someone's wedding in Persia a couple hundred years ago.

[Track Could Bend continues at Little Italy's Johnny Jackson on the first Tuesday of every month, with shows starting & ending early. The next one will be Tuesday, May 5th.]

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