Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Recording: Crosss

Artist: Crosss

Song: Witching Hour

Recorded in the dungeon of 8-Eleven ("Sonic Boom Record Store Day Afterparty"), April 18, 2015.

Crosss - Witching Hour

Following on an afternoon of live in-stores to help celebrate Record Store Day, Sonic Boom took things across the back alley to keep the vibe rolling with a late-night afterparty in the maze-like basement of the 8-Eleven gallery. The night's "secret guests" opening things up turned out to be sludgemetal/psych-folk unit Crosss — and since I last caught 'em, the bass chair has rotated once more, with Scarlett Rose (also of Schønsee) now holding down the bottom end. The band has been fairly active recently, and she already sounds well-integrated into the trio's sound. The group, meanwhile, is getting ready to launch their new album LO in June with Telephone Explosion, so keep an eye out for some festivities surrounding that.

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