Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sunday Playlist #45

Sunday Saturday Playlist #45: National Drone Day

Huzzah! It's National Drone Day! To help you "spend this day listening entirely to drone music", here's a few apt selections from my archive, including a previously unposted Drone Day exclusive from Jean-François Laporte.

If you want to experience the sounds and the community today, there are at least three shows happening in town:

Drone on, you crazy drone-minds.

Zachary Fairbrother Feedback Guitar Orchestra - Buddha Box 2.1 [excerpt]

Jean-François Laporte - Rust

Total Life - [excerpt]

Svarte Greiner - excerpt from an improvisation

Wyrd Visions vs. Nif-D - excerpt from an improvisation

Martin Arnold & Friends - The Cuckoo Bird

Bonus! For some extra DIY drone-styles, you can also check out this recording of humming machinery I made.

Sunday Playlist is a semi-regular feature that brings back some of this blog's previously-posted original live recordings for an encore. You can always click the tags below to see what I originally wrote about the shows these songs came from.

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