Thursday, May 15, 2014

Recording: Clarinet Panic Deluxx

Artist: Clarinet Panic Deluxx

Song: De-troit

Recorded at Oz Studios, April 27, 2014.

Clarinet Panic Deluxx - De-troit

Full review to follow. Clarinet Panic Deluxx is a vehicle for the compositions of cellist Cory Latkovich, and at the end of a tour celebrating the release of their new No Tasseomancy album the band sounded like a chamber-prog force to be reckoned with. Joined by D. Alex Meeks (percussions and banter), Karen Ng (sax) and Sebastian Shinwell (guit), the titular clarinet was indeed present, in the centre of the floor in front of the musicians, acting as something like a talisman or undeployed threat. The compositions were intricate but not distractingly tricky, and the band's propensity to undermine the music's complexities with a few tactical curveballs kept things amusingly grounded.

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