Sunday, May 25, 2014

Recording: Jason Doell & Germaine Liu

Artist: Jason Doell & Germaine Liu

Song: Wild Bengal Tigers* [excerpt]

Recorded at The Music Gallery ("Emergents IV"), May 15, 2014.

Jason Doell & Germaine Liu - Wild Bengal Tigers [excerpt]

Full review to follow. The first half of this Nick Storring-curated Emergents show was given over to this duo performance. There were improvisatory elements at play, but they followed a compositional plan — though in this case the composition was more of a road map than a notated score. Using the entire length of the room, Liu and Doell moved from found-object percussion on the stage, traipsed along a "runway" down the central aisle, and played textured guitar/vibes/piano at the back. There's actually a whole lot more, but instead of reading a play-by-play, you can actually just watch the whole thing.

* This is not a confirmed title — and may, in fact, end up serving as the duo's musical moniker. But those words have been whispered, so we'll put them down for now and update as necessary.

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