Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Recording: The Bicycles

Artist: The Bicycles

Song: The Ultimate Price*

Recorded at Sonic Boom ("Record Store Day"), April 19, 2014.

The Bicycles - The Ultimate Price

Full review to follow. As has become a springtime tradition, Sonic Boom turned Record Store Day into a day-long spectacle, with live bands providing entertainment to the crowded store all afternoon long. Say what you will about the corporatization of the event, it does get people out and gives the community a chance to gather together — just hanging around all day felt like a rock'n'roll reunion as I kept running into friends and acquaintances old and new.

The Bicycles' Young Drones rock opera received a re-mounting at Long Winter a couple months back, but it's even more intriguing to hear some of the tunes creeping into their regular set where they have no trouble standing on their own as tasty pop songs on a par with the rest of their catalogue. The forthcoming album version is definitely something I'm eagerly waiting to hear.

* Thanks to Andrew for passing along the title to this one!


  1. Hey hey!

    This tune is called "The Ultimate Price"!
    Thanks for posting it, great work (as usual!).