Thursday, May 22, 2014

Recording: Doldrums

Artist: Doldrums

Song: Closer 2 U

Recorded at The Danforth Music Hall, May 10, 2014.

Doldrums - Closer 2 U

With a new album in the can, Airick Woodhead seemed most interested in sharing some new material with early the crowd half-filling up the floor as people straggled in for the night's headliner. And whether it was a function of the new material's dynamics or being pumped through the big room sound system — or a more assured popsmart sense of songcraft — the dominant impression here was that the new stuff was dominated less by experimental sound-smears and more arena-ready anthems. It definitely feels like this project has come a long way from its basement freak-folk and park-squat rave-up origins. (The band this time out included Steven Foster on drums, brother Daniel "Moon King" on perc/keybs and Maddy Wilde on keybs.)

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