Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Recording: Pretty Matty

Artist: Pretty Matty

Songs: F+B + Broken Doorbell

Recorded at The Tranzac's Main Hall (Long Winter 8.1), November 22, 2019.

Pretty Matty - F+B

Pretty Matty - Broken Doorbell

Timeless — in the sense that this wouldn't sound out of place on either a demo tape from 1998 or a Burger records compilation — this quartet brought a charming off-handedness to the stage and plenty of pop-punk momentum, which was at its best when it was at its boppingest.

[Pretty Matty will be opening up for Drug Church at Hard Luck Bar on February 2nd. Long Winter is back on Saturday (January 11th) with a night of art and music at The Gladstone, including performances from Korea Town Acid, Boosie Fade, Kiwi jr., BBQ Pope, No Frills, Ian Daniel Kehoe, Nailbiter, Joseph Shabason, Robin Hatch and Ichi-Bons.]

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