Friday, January 17, 2020

Recording: No Angels Dancing

Artist: No Angels Dancing

Songs: [two excerpts]

Recorded at Wenona Lodge (Track Could Bend #57), December 3, 2019.

No Angels Dancing - [excerpt 1]

No Angels Dancing - [excerpt 2]

This band name might not redound through the annals of local music history, but it was important to me. Although No Angels Dancing mostly existed as a few seasons of a Sunday afternoon Tranzac residency, issued no official recordings and garnered some scattered blog coverage, watching Allison Cameron and D. Alex Meeks (later joined by Stephen Parkinson) perform taught me some things 'bout friendship and experimentalism. The project lost steam when Meeks headed out of town for school, but I was delighted when Cameron pitched this reunion when I asked her to bring something to TCB.

Always engaged with the continuous process of musical invention, it was no surprise that this set didn't look back to any sort of "core sound", offering something that was unlike any other set from the pair. Taking advantage of the venue's piano, Cameron doubled up on ukulele and also brought along a Tenori-on, while Meeks contributed his clockwork percussion as well as some cracklebox interludes. Getting the band back together was a good idea; hopefully there will be more to follow.

[Track Could Bend is back at Wenona on Tuesday, February 4th, featuring sets from Claire Yunjin Lee, Tidal Pool and the Pete Johnston 4.]

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