Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Recording: Aaron Dolman

Artist: Aaron Dolman

Song: Ballad for an Old Barn

Recorded at The Tranzac's Southern Cross Lounge (Long Winter 8.1), November 22, 2019.

Aaron Dolman - Ballad for an Old Barn

This quintet was under the guidance of the titular Montreal-based drummer, crafting some lush, usually-instrumental chamber pop. Bringing to mind circa-2008 "collective" bands like Ohbijou (or, maybe even more specifically, Kite Hill) there was also a bit of proggy fussiness underneath it all — this band could easily veer off into a sort of National Health direction with no problems.

[Long Winter is back on Saturday (January 11th) with a night of art and music at The Gladstone, including performances from Korea Town Acid, Boosie Fade, Kiwi jr., BBQ Pope, No Frills, Ian Daniel Kehoe, Nailbiter, Joseph Shabason, Robin Hatch and Ichi-Bons.]

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