Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Recording: Out to Lunch

Artist: Out to Lunch

Songs: Something Sweet, Something Tender [composer: Eric Dolphy] + Out to Lunch [composer: Eric Dolphy]

Recorded at Array Space (Kurt Newman Yuletide Music Party), December 20, 2019.

Out to Lunch - Something Sweet, Something Tender

Out to Lunch - Out to Lunch

This project from percussionist Mark Zurawinski is dedicated to reinterpreting the seminal Eric Dolphy album from which it takes its name. The mandate here is definitely not to be slavish to the original arrangements, as is probably indicated by the somewhat unorthodox lineup at hand: Rob Clutton (double bass), Germaine Liu (vibraphone), Brian Abbot (guitar), Kayla Milmine (soprano saxophone) and Mira Martin-Gray (no-input mixer). (The latter tune here also sees Kurt Newman guesting on pedal steel.)

The resulting stew is capable of moments of quiet clarity (especially in the small percussive gestures from Zurawinski and Liu) but also wig-out feedback bursts. That gives new flavours to these tunes, like "Something Sweet, Something Tender", which could be issued on a single with the musical tag "ballad with screech-groans".

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