Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Recording: C.R. Gillespie

Artist: C.R. Gillespie

Songs: two unknown titles*

Recorded at Handlebar (Nite Comfort 74), December 1, 2019.

C.R. Gillespie - unknown

A bit of heaviness was in the air on this night with news freshly-circulating that Kensington's Handlebar had been sold, leaving the communities that have gathered there in limbo — even more of a shock as Nite Comfort's Aaron Dawson had just announced Leucrocuta's Laura Dickens as a new co-curator, bringing fresh energy and ideas to the series. At this writing, the future is unclear, as there have been some indications that the new owners plan to keep the venue "as is" rather than institute any wholesale changes — but nothing is written in stone. (Keep an eye out on Nite Comfort's FB group for further dispatches, and get out and support the series while you can.)

Previously best known in these parts as the bassist in local rock unit Greys, Colin Roy Gillespie has been expanding his practice as an ambient soundscapist for the past couple years. With pastoral field recordings and planetarium-worthy drift, there's a lot of spaciousness to his work, but also a firm sense of compositional shaping.

[Nite Comfort will be back at Handlebar on Sunday, February 2nd!]

* Does anyone know the title(s) to this/these? (I think it's one piece that segues into a second.) Please leave a comment!

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