Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Recording: Sarah Neufeld

Artist: Sarah Neufeld

Song: The Ridge

Recorded at The Music Gallery (X Avant XI – Night 3), October 15, 2016.

Sarah Neufeld - The Ridge

Sarah Neufeld's solo work — blown up to widescreen proportions on her second album The Ridge — reflects on aspects she's approached in other projects, including the Arcade Fire's pop aspirations and Bell Orchestre's post-rock bombast while stripping things back to her primary instruments of violin and voice. That was boosted here with percussion work from fellow Bell Orchestre member (and former Luya) Stefan Schneider, which added some drive to the bulk of the set. Echo and other effects took advantage of the MG's church setting, building up into some tasteful swells before releasing the crowd with a lullaby.

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