Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Recording: DAS RAD

Artist: DAS RAD

Songs: Hollow Pines + Heavy Flow

Recorded at The Baby G, October 15, 2016.

DAS RAD - Hollow Pines

DAS RAD - Heavy Flow

Things had been quiet from DAS RAD's direction for awhile now, so perhaps it wasn't too big a surprise to hear that the trio was packing it in. At the very least, though, they bequeathed a couple new songs and a proper farewell show. One comes to accept the great circle of life and all that, even if it was made harder by the fact that the band sounded as good as they ever have. There's a lot to appreciate in their trajectory, from their ever-inventive smashing-together of pop songs with noisy distortion to Allyn Norris's emergence as a strong co-frontperson for the band. Out of the grave and into the grave, RIP DAS RAD.

[That doesn't mean that other chapters aren't opening. Keep an eye out for things like this and this, for example.]

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