Friday, November 11, 2016

Recording: Ng-Bulligan-Furlong-Clark

Artist: Karen Ng/Nicolas Bulligan/Andrew Furlong/Dave Clark

Songs: Lonely Woman + The Sphinx [composer: Ornette Coleman]

Recorded at The Tranzac (Southern Cross Lounge), October 9, 2016.

Karen Ng/Nicolas Bulligan/Andrew Furlong/Dave Clark - Lonely Woman

Karen Ng/Nicolas Bulligan/Andrew Furlong/Dave Clark - The Sphinx

Lina Allemano's Sunday night slot fell once more on Thanksgiving weekend — but with Allemano still over in Berlin, Karen Ng was delegated to bring pie and music in her absence. Ng assembled this ad hoc quartet with Nick Bulligan on trumpet and Andrew Furlong on double bass — and it was rather nice to see that Dave Clark is getting back behind the drumkit as well. The tunes — two sets' worth — were provided by Ornette Coleman, giving the crew frameworks for some harmolodic explorations. There were pleasing sounds throughout, but perhaps the best results came at the evening's end with this one two punch, combining a beautifully drone-y move-while-staying-in-place take on "Lonely Woman" with a roller-coaster ride through "The Sphinx".

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