Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Recording: Johan Seaton

Artist: Johan Seaton

Songs: [two sections]

Recorded at Handlebar (Nite Comfort 38), October 2, 2016.

Johan Seaton - [section 3]

Johan Seaton - [section 4]

Armed with a laptop and some mysterious outboard effects, Johan Seaton created a very cool (yet austere) audiovisual spectacle, splitscreen patterns agitating on the big screen behind him as he manipulated the sounds. Sonically, this was slyly musical, with accreting glitchsounds that would reveal themselves to be more than just percussive noisebursts. Later in the set, as Seaton kicked up the bass, the whole room became an electroacoustic shitwave installation as the walls and ceiling overhangs started to vibrate.

[November's Nite Comfort is taking place on Sunday (November 6th) at Handlebar, with sets from Moon McMullen and Xuan Ye/APA. KOJA, Seaton's duo project with Kaya Dacosta, will be playing at Burdock on Monday, November 7th alongside New Chance and SlowPitchSound.]

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