Saturday, November 12, 2016

Recording: North Atlantic Drift

Artist: North Atlantic Drift

Song: unknown*

Recorded at Handlebar (The AMBiENT PiNG), October 11, 2016.

North Atlantic Drift - unknown

Leaning more toward abstract drift and further away from their more song-based material, Brad Deschamps and Mike Abercrombie created a favourable continuation of the abstract vibe provided by Valiska in the night's earlier set. Working through three pieces, there was actually room to stretch these out even further, but the pair kept things relatively succinct and contained.

[The AMBiENT PiNG returns to Handlebar on Tuesday (November 15th) with a triple-bill lineup of No Seas, Shimmer Crush and l'ombre.]

* I think this was more of a structured improvisation than a "song", so I'm not sure if there's a title to this one. Please leave a comment if you know for sure!

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