Saturday, November 19, 2016

Recording: Memorex

Artist: Memorex

Song: One Step Ahead of the Whip

Recorded at The Baby G, October 20, 2016.

Memorex - One Step Ahead of the Whip

A full set from David Lush's tapehiss/synthpop project gave an opportunity to try a few twists from the group's recent trio sound — they opened and closed with just Lush and Ben Oginz on stage playing some instrumentals. Those were less "song" oriented than the main part of the set that included Nyles Miszczyk's guit and bass work on the more "pop" material. With their stage set-up that includes a vertically-mounted mixer propped up behind the keybs, the whole thing has an admirable science-experiment feeling to it — that conjured-chaos feeling that things could go wrong if someone doesn't hit the right thing at the right time — that makes this a worthy live unit and not just a tasty bedroom-y pop project.

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