Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Recording: APA + Jason Doell

Artist: APA + Jason Doell

Song: History [Duck Fight Goose cover]*

Recorded at Double Double Land (NASA – Noise Against Sexual Assault), July 10, 2016.

APA + Jason Doell - History

Envisioned as "a night of noise, dark electronic, and doom rock in support of sexual assault survivors and in solidarity with Larkin Grimm", this event was programmed as a counter-gig to Swans' local appearance. It was also an attempt for DIY spaces to face up to the problems of taking responsibility for what happens within their walls and to begin a discussion of some "best practices" to create safer spaces.

Xuan Ye (a.k.a APA) has brought a different sort of noise — from howling piano to erhu skronking — every time I've seen her perform, but I was surprised once again when for this set she pivoted to full-on "rock star", channelling her inner PJ Harvey on a cover of "To Bring You My Love". She was backed for this mini-set by Jason Doell — recently seen as a composer or noise-maker — making a rare atavistic throwback appearance to his rock'n'roll days.

* Thanks to APA for passing along the title to this one.

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