Friday, July 1, 2016

Recording: Isla Craig

Artist: Isla Craig

Song: There Is A Hole*

Recorded at The Tranzac's Southern Cross Lounge (Wolf's Nacho Wednesdays), June 22, 2016.

Isla Craig - There Is A Hole

This outing saw a different lineup behind Isla Craig than she'd been playing with in her occasional shows over the past year or so — and with Brandon Valdivia and Mike Smith on hand, it felt a bit like a new Continental Drift, which probably made it no coincidence the set opened with "Marbles" from back in those days.

After that, though, it was new material all the way, from the groove of "The Becoming" to the subtle reggae lilt of "Out of a Dream". (The Weather Station's Tamara Lineman was called up out of the audience to add some backing vox to that one.) After it was ascertained that the fire trucks that pulled up out front of the venue weren't there because the band had set the building on fire, things closed with this psych-tinged gem, containing not only some satisfying synth wig-outs from Jonathan Adjemian (who'd been sitting in for the whole set) but also some cool e-bow licks from Craig — like the continents drifting right on out into the further cosmic zones.

[Isla Craig will be playing at the surely-awesome (and free! and all ages! and in a frickin' park!) Feast In The East at Prairie Drive Park on Saturday, July 9th.]

* Thanks to a commenter for passing along the title to this one.

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