Thursday, July 14, 2016

Recording: Brodie West + Rob Clutton

Artist: Brodie West + Rob Clutton

Song: Meditations on 'Round Midnight [excerpt]

Recorded at Scott Library Collaboratory (Celebrating Jazz at York University Libraries), July 7, 2016.

Brodie West + Rob Clutton - Meditations on 'Round Midnight [excerpt]

This special event, hosted by York University's Sound and Moving Image Library and the Clara Thomas Archives and Special Collections was celebrating and acknowledging several recent gifts (from Curtis Bailey, the estate of Jim Galloway, Stuart Broomer, David Stimpson, and the Toronto Jazz Festival) enriching their archives on Toronto's jazz legacy — material that will be preserved and made available to scholars.

To add some realtime jazz to the proceedings, music librarian Rob van der Bliek asked saxophonist Brodie West and bassist Rob Clutton to play a short set inspired by Monk's "'Round Midnight", one of the most-recorded standards of all time. The pair took to the task with meditative gusto, examining the theme from various refracted angles.

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