Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Recording: Baby Cages

Artist: Baby Cages

Song: In Time*

Recorded at Double Double Land (NASA – Noise Against Sexual Assault), July 10, 2016.

Baby Cages - In Time

Envisioned as "a night of noise, dark electronic, and doom rock in support of sexual assault survivors and in solidarity with Larkin Grimm", this event was programmed as a counter-gig to Swans' local appearance. It was also an attempt for DIY spaces to face up to the problems of taking responsibility for what happens within their walls and to begin a discussion of some "best practices" to create safer spaces.

A promised improv jam from Baby Cages didn't come together as the band closed out the night, but they still managed to satisfy with their slightly-narcoleptic insecurity anthems, perpetually sounding as if their music had been dialed down about four semitones to create a vague sense of lurching unease.

[Baby Cages (along with Special Costello) will be performing in "an immersive environment inspired by early computer generated animations" as part of the boundary-pushing multimedia event Sound Circuitz at the SummerWorks Festival. (Friday August 12th at the Pia Bouman School for Ballet.)]

* Thanks to Halloway for passing along the title to this one.

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