Sunday, April 17, 2016

Recording: sLAB

Artist: sLAB

Song: For Tony Conrad, Parts 1 + 2

Recorded at Array Space (Somewhere There's Second Sunday Series), April 10, 2016.

sLAB - For Tony Conrad [part 1]

sLAB - For Tony Conrad [part 2]

On what would surely be the last of April's cold and snowy nights, this quartet united in quadraphonic sound, setting up their amps in each corner of the room to spacialize their drones in tribute to the recently-departed Tony Conrad. Mike Daley, Michael Kaler, Dean Drouillard and Arnd Jurgensen used amp-tone and e-bows rather than copious pedal chains to generate their glacial sound structures. (They meet up regularly to do this, some results of which are posted over on their bandcamp.)

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