Saturday, April 23, 2016

Recording: Eucalyptus

Artist: Eucalyptus

Song: Narcalypso

Recorded at Sonic Boom (Record Store Day), April 16, 2016.

Eucalyptus - Narcalypso

In the midst of their every-Saturday-in-April residency and sporting a new tape with two new long tunes, Brodie West's recent preoccupation with percussion was on display here with the band now sporting three percussionists (Blake Howard, Evan Cartwright and Nick Fraser). Trumpeter Nicole Rampersaud was unavailable for this one, so it gave the back line all the more space for rhythmic interplay in a mix of older tunes with new stuff, like the infectiously singalong stop-and-go rhythms of "Stop and Go".

[Eucalyptus' residency continues with shows tonight (April 23) and next Saturday at Hirut Restaurant, just steps from Woodbine subway station.]

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