Saturday, April 2, 2016

Recording: Colin Fisher

Artist: Colin Fisher

Songs: [solo improvisations on tanbur and guzheng]

Recorded at Musideum (Myseum Intersections' Sounds of Toronto: Lunchtime Concert Series), March 21, 2016.

Colin Fisher - [tanbur excerpt]

Colin Fisher - [first piece for guzheng]

Not sure who's behind the Myseum of Toronto, but props to 'em for throwing this free lunchtime concert series at the cozy (and soon to be defunct) Musideum, and for giving Colin Fisher a chance to show off some casual mastery of a couple instruments he doesn't play in public too often. With his fingers dancing above the tanbur's all-but-invisible strings, the first thing that came to mind was Michael Keith's recent work on three-string baritone ukulele — no huge surprise given that the instrument had found its way to Fisher via none other than Michael Keith. Fisher's guzheng, meanwhile, had been purchased at Musideum, [[insert "circle of life" joke]] as he played a couple pieces: the first (heard here) in more of a traditional vein and the second using more experimental techniques. A second set included some ace (but more frequently heard) work on guitar.

[Katie from Music Between Friends also captured the set, which you can hear over at soundcloud.]

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