Friday, January 8, 2016

Recording: {AN} Eel + Ronley Teper

Artist: {AN} Eel + Ronley Teper

Song: #1 Improvised Pop Song

Recorded at Dundas Video (Track Could Bend #10), January 5, 2016.

{AN} Eel + Ronley Teper - #1 Improvised Pop Song

Pop songs are carefully-crafted things, so it's a tall order to ask someone to come up with one extemporaneously. An even taller order seeing as I asked two folks who had never met before to collaborate live on stage and come up with a few hit numbers. Both Neal Retke (who records as {AN} Eel) and Ronley Teper (fearless leader of The Lipliners) know their tropes and have engaging on-stage charisma to spare, so I was curious to see what would happen on this musical blind date. The backing band was Kayla Milmine and Mike Lynn (both TCB vets, from back in the series' early months) who brought the right spirit with soprano sax fills and Rappin' Ronnie drum machine beats. The song topics hit most of the key popsong concerns: gimme some lovin', T&A, saying hello, and slipping in a pile of frozen puke on New Year's Day.

[The next Track Could Bend is February 2nd — Groundhog Day! — at Dundas Video. Stay tuned for more info.]

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