Saturday, January 23, 2016

Recording: STÜKA

Artist: STÜKA

Song: Absentee Lover*

Recorded at The Great Hall's Black Box (Long Winter 4.3), January 16, 2016.

STÜKA - Absentee Lover

Closing out the night was this Guelph harsh synthpop duo of John Prichard and Brian Schirk — making their debut as a trio with Jordan Pearson (of Halcyon/L'esprit/Motoko) on bass. New enough that he was still feeling his way through a series of new songs (and also new enough that he hadn't yet adopted the band's requisite all-black style template) his Joy Division-y contributions showed the band is continuing its transformation from clamourous battlefield noises to moody postpunk.

[The band has a new song posted up on their bandcamp. You can hear the new material when the band opens for The Soft Moon at Lee's Palace on February 11th.]

* The band has mentioned that this is the title to this one.

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