Friday, January 22, 2016

Recording: The Seams

Artist: The Seams

Song: two unknown songs*

Recorded at The Great Hall (Long Winter 4.3), January 16, 2016.

The Seams - unknown

The Seams - unknown

This band might have only been on their third gig, but it featured a new combination of familiar faces, notably Jonathan Rogers and Kyle Connolly up front, trading off songs and lead vocals back and forth. Connolly's psych-tinged offerings worked the same terrain he explores in Wish and had a propensity to simmer along in the groove while Rogers' shorter tunes had less dreamhaze and more straighahead "rock" than he projects while fronting Elsa. Drummer Omri Gondor plays with Connolly in Milk Lines and Jesse Mirsky (whose melodic basslines were a particularly key element of the sound here) is also in Elsa, so there are was plenty of pre-existing chemistry to build on. There was a full set of new songs here, nicely crafted, though the unit's newness does show off a bit with a few tunes not yet having fully-fleshed out endings — but endings tend to take care of themselves in time.

* Does anyone know the title to these ones? Please leave a comment!

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