Thursday, January 14, 2016

Recording: Sylvermayne

Artist: Sylvermayne

Song: [excerpt]*

Recorded at Katzman Contemporary (Channel no. 2: Reality), January 13, 2016.

Sylvermayne - [excerpt]

This five-night series, curated by Brett Despotovich, is bringing Toronto's experimental music scenes into a gallery space — both to allow some considered listening and to enable a series of large-scale visual collaborations. (This night drew inspiration from the morass of so-called "reality" television.) Besides the well-chosen music, this will also be an introduction for many to a rather lovely space — gallery culture, which tends to stay one step ahead of gentrification in the search for affordable spaces, has now seeped up to Carleton Village. So this week, hop on the Symington bus and go check out some cool collaborations.

This project from producer Andre E-R covered a fair amount of sonic terrain in a forty minute set. Though I'm more partial to the doom-y atmospherics that lead things off than the dancefloor bonanza that ended it, there's no doubt there was an assured hand at the controls here controlling the shift in dynamics as sublimated throbbing gave way to a sneaky slow volume burst to juice things up. This particular bit here sort of cuts the difference between those extremes at the start and end of the set.

[Channel's run at Katzman Contemporary continues through Saturday, with cool musicians using the space to collaborate with the visualisations in different ways.]

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