Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Recording: Jesse Levine

Artist: Jesse Levine

Song: [excerpt from third piece, in two parts]

Recorded at Ratio (Piano Party 4), January 21, 2016.

Jesse Levine - [third piece] [excerpt, part 1]

Jesse Levine - [third piece] [excerpt, part 2]

Jonathan Adjemian's occasional Piano Party series, which presents pairs of players in contrasting styles in a casual environment, found a new home at Ratio, and the environment was just right for a relaxed salon-like environment. It also offered a too-rare chance to catch keyboard wizard Jesse Levine in action, improvising a set of collaged pop fragments — sort of a Brill Building mashup as filtered through Levine's Donuts-informed sensibility, where hints of, say, "I Cover The Waterfront" and "It's Too Late" might bump up against a fragment of a sonata before side-stepping into a disco riff.

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