Saturday, December 5, 2015

Recording: Foxes In Fiction

Artist: Foxes In Fiction

Song: Jimi Bleachball

Recorded at Double Double Land, November 30, 2015.

Foxes In Fiction - Jimi Bleachball

With Owen Pallett in town for a prestige gig at Massey Hall the next night, Warren Hildebrand took the opportunity to put together this "secret" showcase for his Orchid Tapes label at DDL. The hook was a full-length set from the recently-reissued Les Mouches, but Hildebrand's own set as Foxes in Fiction was worth some anticipation as well. Unlike his appearance in town at the other end of this year, this was a straight-up, old-fashioned solo set — and now a year removed from the excellent Ontario Gothic album, Hildebrand was moving more freely back and forth through his discography, including some picks from his career/label establishing Swung from The Branches.

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