Thursday, December 3, 2015

Recording: The Diableros

Artist: The Diableros

Songs: Sugar Laced Soul + Olympic Island

Recorded at The Garrison, November 28, 2015.

The Diableros - Sugar Laced Soul

The Diableros - Olympic Island

Celebrating the tenth anniversary of the release of their debit album You Can't Break the Strings in Our Olympic Hearts, the members of The Diableros' original touring lineup reunited for this one-off celebration. One of the essential albums of T.O.'s indie-rock renaissance back in the aughts, You Can't Break the Strings is a gloriously-saturated album, packed full of buzzing farfisa and Pete Carmichael's yelping croon. Ten years on, he'd joke about what time had done to his upper range while the band looked to be having a joyful time on stage romping through the album front to back with glorious imprecision. It was a good night for the deep cuts and a good night to remember the far-backness of something that seemed gone by just a second ago.

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