Friday, December 18, 2015

Recording: Hoover Party + friends

Artist: Hoover Party feat. Karen Ng & Brodie West/Doc Dunn/New Chance

Songs: [three excerpts]

Recorded at Array Space, December 9, 2015.

Hoover Party feat. Karen Ng & Brodie West - [excerpt]

Hoover Party feat. Doc Dunn - [excerpt]

Hoover Party feat. New Chance - [excerpt]

Jonathan Adjemian has pivoted from the hermetically gorgeous sinewaves of his last tape to the generative laptopscapes of his brand-new effort, which was celebrated at this night out at Array. Reflecting faucets of the creator's personality, the album was for sale in a download code/baked treat combo, and the night's collaborations included both musical-and dance-based efforts. In terms of the former, Adjemian was joined by some of his peers to unpack, redux, and remix some tracks from the new album, giving them reinvented musical identities.

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