Thursday, December 24, 2015

Recording: LAL

Artist: LAL

Song: Rules Were Meant to be Broken

Recorded at The Great Hall's basement (Long Winter 4.2), December 12, 2015.

LAL - Rules Were Meant to be Broken

With an unusual Saturday night edition and winter nowhere yet to be found, it felt a little different heading down for this one. As with the first of this year's series, the best spot for music was down in the basement, while dance and art crept closer to the night's centre from all directions. Closing out the night's live music in the basement, LAL is in an amazing place right now, with singer Rosina Kazi and sound designer Nicholas Murray delivering their new material with intense joy and pain. No B.S., no game-playing, this is fully committed music — and both of the times I saw them in 2015 were among my favourite sets of the year. There's no word yet on when their forthcoming album is coming out, but it stands to be a noteworthy release for 2016 — this is what Toronto needs right now.

[The next Long Winter will be on January 16th, 2016 — note that's on a Saturday again — with sets from Vallens, LOOM, Mystic Triangle, Michelle McAdorey, JOOJ, STÜKA, Pantayo, Khôra, Strands, Overnight and more.]

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