Thursday, December 24, 2015

Recording: Nailbiter

Artist: Nailbiter

Song: [last segment]*

Recorded at The Great Hall's basement (Long Winter 4.2), December 12, 2015.

Nailbiter - [last segment]

With an unusual Saturday night edition and winter nowhere yet to be found, it felt a little different heading down for this one. As with the first of this year's series, the best spot for music was down in the basement, while dance and art crept closer to the night's centre from all directions. Sharing the stage with New Chance (who each had a side on the night's free 7" single), there were some serious dance grooves down in the basement. Actually, "sharing the stage" is something of a misnomer, as Josh Korody instead set up on the floor in front of it, twisting knobs and riding the faders on his mixing panel as he hurled out some modular synth grooves. This closing segment of his short set begins with a blurting tone that sounds like a klaxon warning that a parking garage door is about to open and tears itself open after that. By the end, Korody let the tracks run for a bit as he backed away from his gear to dance in the crowd.

[Nailbiter will be playing at Wavelength's "Class of 2016" show at The Silver Dollar on Friday, January 22nd. The next Long Winter will be on January 16th, 2016 — note that's on a Saturday again — with sets from Vallens, LOOM, Mystic Triangle, Michelle McAdorey, JOOJ, STÜKA, Pantayo, Khôra, Strands, Overnight and more.]

* I suspect this is a largely-improvised piece, but let me know if you hear of a title to this one.

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