Saturday, August 10, 2013

Recording: Guitar Army

Artist: Guitar Army

Song: Uh [excerpt]

Recorded at Uptrack/Downtrack ("Taming Lumens"), August 9, 2013.

Guitar Army - Uh [excerpt]

Full review to follow. This event was conceived as a fundraiser for local artist Kyle Duffield, who had some equipment stolen while presenting his interactive light-sound installation "Trace" at NXNE. This was a chance for him to remount his work, get it documented properly, and hopefully recoup some losses. The music for the night was pulled together by his brother Mike, who played drums in a set by Radio Lucifer (the Moonwood + Lorde Awesome project I'd accidentally witnessed the first glimmerings of), as well as this "Guitar Army" closer.

This is a live interpretation of one of my favourite unheralded releases of the year, in which Ostrich Tuning covers/reinterprets/pays tribute to The Flowers of Hell's O. The members of Ostrich Tuning are joined here by Radio Lucifer and some folks from Flowers of Hell (including mainmain Greg Jarvis).

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