Friday, August 16, 2013

Recording: The Bicycles

Artist: The Bicycles

Songs: Modulation/Transformation + Gentle Rain + Requiem

Recorded at BLK BOX (SummerWorks Festival), August 15, 2013.

The Bicycles - Modulation/Transformation

The Bicycles - Gentle Rain

The Bicycles - Requiem

Full review to follow. Tapping into the same zeitgeist that drives Schützen (one of the festival's big presentations), Stephanie Markowitz and Maggie MacDonald's Young Drones unpacks an unspoken cultural conundrum: we wouldn't blink an eye at the idea of machines that indiscriminately kill, yet somehow the idea of machines that indiscriminately love seems comedically outlandish. The narrative of this tale of young drones in love is brought to life through an entirely new set of songs by The Bicycles, several of which would be standalone gems in their repertoire.

Here's a taste of the story's love, loss and redemption, though the music is only one leg of the artistic triad here, alongside Amy Siegel's amazing projections and the choreography of "drones" Tina Fushell and Andrya Duff. If you want to see all of these elements coming together, be sure to raise your voice in suggesting a remount of this fabulous production.

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