Friday, August 30, 2013

Recording: Surinam

Artist: Surinam

Song: Pass the Baclofen

Recorded at The Silver Dollar Room, August 29, 2013.

Surinam - Pass the Baclofen

you can say its a brand new day and a bold new beginning but really its just another turn of the wheel another time this shitball of dirt spins around on its axis and anyways you still got to get up even if youre feeling like shit from the night before and you have to get to work before that shitbag boss gets on your case and all these other asshole drones on the subway seem like they got up only to stand in your way and you feel like a pinball bouncing off them come on get out of the fucking way christs sake i need a drink already and then tomorrows going to be the same shit again so why the fuck are you smugly congratulating yourself on your brand new day and bold new beginning

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