Thursday, August 1, 2013

Recording: Kelly McMichael

Artist: Kelly McMichael and The Gloss

Songs: Out The Window* + Solo

Recorded at Clinton's Tavern, July 31, 2013.

Kelly McMichael and The Gloss - Out The Window

Kelly McMichael and The Gloss - Solo

Full review to follow. Perhaps best known for her work in Gentleman Reg's band and as a member of Rouge, Kelly McMichael has also been working with her rock band The Gloss. On the cusp of decamping to Newfoundland, she gathered her friends together to celebrate the release of Liminal. The set found time for the EP's tracks, a Liz Phair cover, and a couple more songs to boot.

* Thanks to Kelly for passing the title to this one along!


  1. the Liz Phair cover was called "Johnny Sunshine"

  2. Hey! The unknown track is called "Out The Window"

    1. Thanks! Best wishes for your next phases and stages.