Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Recording: Marine Dreams

Artist: Marine Dreams

Song: Straight Path

Recorded at Parts + Labour ("Mattyfest Summerslam BBQ 2013"), August 18, 2013.

Marine Dreams - Straight Path

Full review to follow. I think every time I've seen Marine Dreams play, it was always with a bit a of jury-rigged lineup — breaking in a new drummer or compensating for a missing member. So it was no surprise to see vocalist/guitarist Ian Kehoe beaming as his now-sextet cruised with what he declared to be Fleetwood Mac-style velocity. The band's sophomore album Corner of the Eye is going to be out September 24 on You've Changed, so while there's no tour dates listed at the moment, it's reasonable to expect we'll be hearing about some soon — and hopefully seeing this current unit sticking together.

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