Sunday, May 21, 2017

Recording: Daniel Romano

Artist: Daniel Romano

Songs: I Had To Hide Your Poem in a Song + Hunger is a Dream You Die in

Recorded at Longboat Hall (You've Changed Records 8th Anniversary Celebration), April 22, 2017.

Daniel Romano - I Had To Hide Your Poem in a Song

Daniel Romano - Hunger is a Dream You Die in

Geez — has it really been three years since the excellent You've Changed label celebrated it's fifth anniversary? Time flies, but friendship lingers, and this night featured many of the same musicians, either on stage or just hanging out in the now-fancier-than-ever basement of the Great Hall. I actually hadn't seen Daniel Romano performing since that fifth anniversary show, and in the interim he's travelled many miles, ditching his cowboy hat and Nudie suit for a mod-ish ensemble. And although his band has the same "country" alignment (pedal steel and all) he had then, the sound has pushed outward in all directions into a sort of spaced-out Cosmic American Music. Romano seemed eager to amp up and revise his songs, spitting out lyrics with Dylan-ish Rolling Thunder speedfreak intensity. The label's co-founder was formerly a bit of a prodigal son exploring the fringes of The Industry, but Romano has been easing back into the YC fold with last year's Ancient Shapes side project, and the brand-new Modern Pressure once again has a YC number on its spine.

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