Thursday, May 18, 2017

Recording: Not The Wind, Not The Flag

Artist: Not The Wind, Not The Flag - [first piece, part 1]

Song: [first piece, in two parts]

Recorded at Array Space (Music Gallery's Departures Series), April 16, 2017.

Not The Wind, Not The Flag - [first piece, part 1]

Not The Wind, Not The Flag - [first piece, part 2]

Brandon Valdivia and Colin Fisher pulled off their usually-phenomenal back-and-forth for percussion and sax, but they also started off their set with this electronic jam, mostly using their pedals. Fisher would occasionally rub or flick at his guitar strings but they were mostly just the sound source for his moogerfooger sonar bloops. Meanwhile, Valdivia added bass undercurrents and scissor-slice percussion with his rig. This made for a nice counterpart to the lo-fi electronics and analog blasting in the Sam Weinberg/Chris Welcome/Ben Bennett set that followed.

[The Music Gallery's Departures Series closes out its season on Thursday, June 15th at Burdock, with a night featuring DKV (Hamid Drake, Kent Kessler and Ken Vandermark), Icepick (a new trio of Nate Wooley, Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten and Chris Corsano), plus locals Invisible Out (Xuan Ye and Jason Doell). This show is also part of the TONE series' excellent ain't-a-jazz-festival programming.]

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