Friday, May 19, 2017

Recording: Eiyn Sof

Artist: Eiyn Sof

Songs: Desert Bird + On Beyond

Recorded at The Baby G (Crosswires), April 17, 2017.

Eiyn Sof - Desert Bird

Eiyn Sof - On Beyond

This night included three songwriters with distinctive visions presenting their songs in unadorned solo sets. Recently spending more time out on her cosmic back porch and issuing a string of tasty releases, it's a joy to see Melissa Boraski coming back into the city more frequently on the heels of the altogether excellent Meadow Thrum. Presented on album with warped and folksy homespun psychedelia, the songs stand up in a solo live performance on the strength of Boraski's superb songcraft.

[Word is that after these couple months of Monday night shows, Crosswires is taking a pause, so keep an eye out for further developments from the irrepressible Doc Pickles.]

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