Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Recording: Ghostlit

Artist: Ghostlit

Song: unknown*

Recorded at The Baby G (Crosswires), March 20, 2017.

Ghostlit - unknown

Duncan "Doc Pickles" MacDonell's Crosswires series has been revived once more — moving from Sundays to Monday nights and bringing some weeknight action to The Baby G. Now billed as "Early PWYC shows Mondays... for folks who can't or won't go out on weekends" this is a chance for a wide swath of musicians to get a chance to play up on a relatively big stage with Big Rock Sound.

This first show back accented some connections to the past, including leading off with Dave Rodgers, who played as part of Neck back at the very first show of the other series Doc Pickles co-founded. This set, originally billed as a solo-ish endeavour, ended up as a quartet with some other members of the Ghostlight collective on stage, leading to the band name here. Playing four stretched-out groovers, this one sees Rodgers shifting from guitar to ipad keyboard sounds and empasizes how far you can go with a locked-in rhythm section buoying things along.

[Crosswires continues at The Baby G every Monday night, starting early and ending early. You can check out the upcoming shows here — there's a good vibe going that just requires some bodies in the room to sustain! The full Ghostlight experience is at The Tranzac this Wednesday (May 3rd).]

* Does anyone know the title to this one? Please leave a comment!

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