Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Recording: Twist

Artist: Twist

Song: Bleached

Recorded at The Baby G, September 16, 2016.

Twist - Bleached

An exciting night out — not only for the music but also to check out the first night for The Baby G, a new venture from Shaun Bowring and the crew behind The Garrison. True to its name, the new joint (also a re-purposed social club in Little Portugal) was indeed something of a mini-me to its older cousin up the street, scaled-down and mirror-flipped. (I was amused to note that the opening night vibe was similar right down to the old billiard table pushed off to one side.) Even though a smaller room, this has the same sensibility, offering clear views toward a raised stage. Opening night still had the smell of paint and sawdust in the air, so one could sense the room is a work in progress — but it's a pleasing spot right from the get go.

There was some excitement and a feeling of justly-earned celebration with Laura Hermiston & co. celebrating the release of their Spectral album. The album's tracks feels like a bit of a sampler of the band's development from bedroom-y solo side-project to full-fledged rock machine, but the live incarnation is a consistently-pleasing mix of pop hooks and grunge snarl. Like many release shows, this felt as much like a celebration of something new as a summing up of what's been a couple years' hard work getting here. And now, like other members of the Buzz family, this now feels like something we're going to be sharing with the rest of the world as the band heads for bigger stages.

[Twist will be opening for Thee Oh Sees at the Danforth Music Hall on Thursday, November 17th.]

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