Sunday, October 30, 2016

Recording: Doug Tielli

Artist: Doug Tielli

Songs: La plus que lente + La flûte de Pan (with Tania Gill) [composer: Claude Debussy]

Recorded at The Tranzac's Southern Cross Lounge (Piano Party), September 28, 2016.

Doug Tielli - La plus que lente

Doug Tielli and Tania Gill - La flûte de Pan

As a breeze through the front window set the curtain gently dancing, Doug Tielli started and finished his set with some pieces by Debussy, joined by Tania Gill to play piano as he sang the Chansons de Bilitis. Along the way, he offered some reinterpretations — of tunes originally composed for Drumheller as well as of a song played by an ice cream truck. For a musician known to work with such a range of material and instruments, it was no surprise that everything in this set was handled with such nimble grace.

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